A Hario V60 is a cone shaped glass, ceramic, or plastic device designed for brewing filter coffee.  It involves slowly pouring hot water over ground coffee inside a paper filter. Gravity pulls the water through the grounds and the filter, resulting in a clean, tea-like cup of coffee in your cup.

Step 1

Place the V60 cone on top of the vessel you want to brew coffee in.

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Step 2

Open up a paper filter, insert it in the V60, and rinse it thoroughly with hot water. This will get rid of all the paper flavors in the filter, while warming up the serving vessel,  and the V60 itself. Warming up all equipment is crucial to stabilize the temperature during brewing, which gives you much more control over how the brew turns out.

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Step 3

Discard the water from your vessel, and place it on a scale with V60 on top. Tare the scale to zero.

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Step 4

Weigh out 15g of coffee, ground to a sand-like consistency. Tap the sides of the V60 to distribute the grounds evenly. Make a dent in the center of the ground coffee (this will help when pre-infusing the coffee).

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Step 5

Now you’re ready to start brewing. Tare the scale to zero again, and slowly start pouring the water into the center of the bed of grounds until your scale reads 30 grams. Start your stopwatch as soon as you start pouring. Let it stand for 35 seconds, allowing the dry coffee to absorb the water. This process is called pre-infusion or bloom, and the goal is to fully saturate the coffee grounds without any water dripping through the filter. This bloom allows the coffee to de-gas, enabling the water to yield the full potential of the coffee. This is an essential step that should never be rushed.

Step 6

After 35 seconds, add water in stages (around 50g at a time) until you reach the desired final brew weight, making sure that the grounds are never exposed to air until the brew is finished. Concentrate the pour towards the center of the V60, working your way outwards to about a centimeter from the edge.

Step 7

The total amount of water to 15g of ground coffee should be 250ml, with the brew time of about 3 minutes. If your brew finishes quicker than desired time, then your grind setting is too coarse. If takes longer, then your grind setting is too fine. Adjust accordingly.

Step 8

Your coffee is ready to be served.