We use green coffee beans from single estates and farms where the focus is on quality, provenance, sustainability and fair relationships with growers.

Making coffee taste good is by no means an easy task! We serve speciality coffee, which means that experts have given it a score of 85 or above (out of 100), using a tasting process known in the industry as “cupping”.

Various factors contribute to the taste. The provenance of the green beans has a huge effect. The location, climate, altitude and seasonality are all key.

The next important step is roasting. This is the part where we strive to honour the hard work put in at origin good roasting, in our opinion, brings out the best a coffee has to offer. When we roast it is always judged by the experience of the coffee in the cup.

Then there is the brewing. Careless brewing can ruin even the most exquisite coffee, so we ensure we brew with scientific precision and care. You will often see our baristas weighing the shots to ensure the perfect dose amount, adjusting the grind, even throwing out a shot of espresso that isn’t to our standard.

Espresso is the base for most of the drinks sold at Attendant. It has more caffeine per volume, when compared to other brewing methods, but because of the small serving size, the total amount of caffeine in a double shot of our espresso is smaller than that of a 200ml serving of drip or Aeropress brewed coffee, or even a cup of black tea.

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