When it comes to creating our food, Attendant Kitchen believes that mise en place doesn’t start in the kitchen; it starts on the farms and in nature. We want to create delicious food, and to do so we need amazing ingredients. To find amazing ingredients, we need to find suppliers that love that ingredient as much as we do. This doesn’t mean that it is necessary to use expensive ingredients. The luxury is in our hands and in our abilities. The human capacity to transform something into emotions.

We try to push our menus to the edge of flavours – we don’t only do that so the food is delicious; we do that so it provokes a “WOW this is amazing!”.

Staying true to the Attendant ethos. Our team of talented chefs lead by Laura Dunne (Jamies Fifteen Graduate) work tirelessly to underpin our made right here philosophy. Attendant Kitchen only sources sustainable, ethically farmed fresh produce from local & British suppliers where the focus is on sustainability and provenance.