• Green beans going into roaster

At the Attendant Roastery, we believe coffee can be better! We only select green coffee that has a cupping score of 85 and above. We are currently building strong relationships with coffee growers with amazing products, and who are in turn rewarded (often well above fair trade rates) for their dedication to quality and consistency.

We understand that each coffee tells its own story. Each is different.  Each is Special. A coffee’s flavour is also infused with the place where its grown – local soil, climate, ecosystem, all those things are called ‘terroir’.

We are able to share this with you through our roasts, whether you prefer the clarity of a single origin filter or the complexity of an espresso. We roast and judge each cup of coffee on the way it makes us feel.

We are persistent in our pursuit of quality in the roast. We strive to ensure our customers taste the difference in their cup. The best coffees and the strongest relationships enhance sustainable lives for the farmers who grow specialty coffee, and for the customers who drink it.



We supply wholesale coffee to restaurants, cafes and bars that care about the quality of their coffee. We can provide dedicated support, training, technical advice and equipment to our wholesale customers. We are experienced with cafe setups and flows of efficiency to ensure that you can meet demand.  We can provide a bespoke service or work towards a brief. Whether you are a new business or an existing one wanting to improve your coffee offer we can certainly assist and would love to chat about it with you.

Please contact us on the below for all inquiries and further information on our services and current wholesale offer.