The Estate Dairy is a collective of young passionate individuals dedicated to producing and bottling the highest quality milk. They source only the richest milk from their small herd of 120 Jersey and Friesian cows grazing on 450 acres of green Lancashire pastures.

The Estate Dairy believes in treating its premium milk with respect. Close attention is paid to the cow’s nutrition – their diet contributes heavily to the flavour of the dairy. Their unique farming system yields high protein milk that deserves to be as unprocessed as possible.

To best preserve their dairy’s goodness the milk and cream is unhomogenised. Drawing from more than 10 years of research into the complex makeup of milk and how it behaves, the team are devoted to the pursuit of bringing exceptional dairy produce all from one single farm gate. As a result of such long-standing experience in farming, scientific research and hospitality they have an unrivalled perspective on what can be achieved for the speciality culinary industries.

Attendant has chosen to work with The Estate Dairy not just for their excellent milk but because they fit our ethos too. They use sustainable agricultural methods which produce high-quality dairy products whilst safekeeping the natural beauty of the countryside and maintaining a healthy habitat for wildlife.

Knowing that our milk has come from a farming family who cares for their animals, we think it is worth paying that little bit more for.