Limited Edition: Ethiopian Guji / 500g – 30 cups

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Every so often the stars align over a country and we’re left speechless by the beauty of a specialty coffee farm. We are excited to have this Grade 1 Guji from farmer Muhaba Osman.

The Region

Guji is one of the zones of the Oromia Region of Ethiopia and is named after a tribe of the Oromo people. Guji is bordered on the south by Borena, on the west by the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Region, on the north by the Ganale Dorya River which separates it from Bale and on the east by the Somali Region. The highest point in the zone is Mount Dara Tiniro. Cities and major include its administrative center, Negele. The Guji Zone was created in September 2002, when the upland woredas (administrative regions) of the Borena Zone were split apart to create it.

The Cup

Type: Guji Washed Grade 1
Country of Origin: Ethiopia
Region/Area: Sidama
Min Altitude (MASL): 1650
Max Altitude (MASL): 1800
Process: Washed
Average Rainfall: 1600-1800mm
Average Annual Temperatures: 22-28
Milling Station: Ambela Wuhamena Washing Station
Farmer: Muhaba Osman
Cup Profile: Ripe fruit, intense bright peach like honey
Body: Rich, sweet and spicy.
Cupping Score: 87

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Available in whole beans or ground to your liking, this bag creates approximately 30 cups of coffee.

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